ANDREW SHULMAN - cello and ecello

Click here to listen to Shulman's ecello in 'HAND'

(Winner in 2007 International Songwriting Competition)

With the advent of powerful new digital recording software and a fully equipped state of the art home recording studio (see below) Shulman is able to undertake a small number of recording projects via the internet. Existing sequencer files can be uploaded by the client to an ftp site, downloaded to the Los Angeles studio, new cello or ecello tracks recorded and added to the files, then uploaded again to the ftp site to be finally downloaded by the client, merged and mixed with the original tracks. Click Contact for more specific information and pricing. 

Studio Equipment Available:

Violoncello by David Rubio
Violoncello by Richard Tobin
ecello by Zeta, powered by Guitar Rig 2, Amplitube 2 and Boss GT3
Logic + Full Plug-Ins Suite
Digital Performer
Motu 2408 + PCI 424
Presonus Firestation Pre-amps
Presonus Firebox
Lexicon Reverb
Assorted Sterling Audio Microphones